With effect from early April 2022, landlords are required to register their tenancies with the RTB every year, within one month of their commencement or of the anniversary of when the tenancy began.

Minister Darragh O’Brien described the introduction of annual registration as important in helping the RTB to monitor and regulate the sector. “In comparison to the current system of registration, annual registration of tenancies by landlords with the RTB is a simpler and more effective registration model for the rental sector,” he stated. The Minister added that up to date registration data would also help Government to better understand the rental sector and inform decision-making on policy.

According to the RTB, the introduction of annual registration will enable them to regulate the sector more effectively. “This is an important and necessary change to the law which enables the RTB to collect more timely and accurate data on the residential rental sector,” said Niall Byrne, Director of the RTB. “This data will strengthen the ability of the RTB to fulfil its statutory and regulatory functions in a more responsive and effective manner. The data insights and information will also help inform the development of rental sector policy,” he added.

Mr Byrne said he would encourage landlords to create an account on their new online tenancy registration scheme if they haven’t done so already. “To support landlords to comply with the changes to registration, the RTB has developed a range of useful information resources and online material, such as new webpages and Frequently-Asked-Questions. Information sessions will also be taking place as a further support to landlords,” he added.

Registration fees have been reduced to take into account the new annual requirement. There will be a transition period in respect of the registration deadline that applies to any new tenancy commencing between 4 April and 3 July 2022 or any tenancy with the anniversary of their commencement date falling during that period. The registration deadline for those tenancies is midnight 3 August 2022. From 4 July 2022, any application to the RTB for annual registration of a tenancy must be made within one month of its commencement (or of the anniversary of the commencement of an existing tenancy). Otherwise, late fees apply.

Landlords can find information about how to register annually on the RTB website at: www.rtb.ie/annual-registration.

Landlords can register their tenancies with the RTB online at: www.rtb.ie/portal.


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