The Covid-19 coronavirus is becoming the accelerator for one of the greatest workplace transformations of our lifetime. From a human resource point of view how will this massive transformation impact the workplace, you, your team, and your organisation?

Training and investment are two of the key areas which require thought and action. How prepared are your staff to fulfil their daily tasks? What are your expectations of them and are they realistic? Some recommendations for the managing of remote workers are as follows:

  1. Ensure they have access to the organisations data required for their activities.
  2. Be transparent about workload and project status.
  3. Over communicate with staff.
  4. Offer on-line training.
  5. Create virtual social interaction scenarios.
  6. Invest in technology and equipment.

Worker wellbeing is a vital issue to be aware of during these stressful times. When a staff member is available to management was a live debate prior to the current crisis. Remote working could and probably will bring this issue to the fore again. Management must be clear and transparent as to what the hours of work are and when they expect an employee to be available.

Here are some way’s businesses are dealing with anxiety with the workforce:

  1. Initiate regular Q&A sessions with health experts regarding the Coronavirus.
  2. Create a resource group for remote workers.
  3. Create a social event on-line for staff.
  4. Keep communications high through-out the organisation, one on one and in groups.
  5. Make company-wide announcements on staffing adjustments and matters affected by the pandemic.

Seeking engagement from staff working remotely may be a positive result when coming out the far side of this crisis. Ask staff how this situation might be an opportunity to redefine the business. Are there new products which could be created and launched? Are there new work practices which could become the norm going forward? Could cross training of staff be an advantage to them and the business?

The relationship between workforce and management will certainly be changed as a result of this crisis and investment in staff will define those businesses who prosper going forward. The human resource actions over the next few months are certain to be a pivotal factor in the survival on any business.

NB – This is a guide for information purposes only and does not constitute legal advice. If you have an issue requiring legal advice, please contact any of the team at Nolan Farrell & Goff at 051 859999/